Monday, October 4, 2010

Ryan, On the Picture Wall

Ryan, Up, Up, and Away

Ryan takes a balloon ride over the trees.

Ryan, Imaginary Friend

Ryan plays with his imaginary friend.

Ryan, Walking His Dog

Ryan enjoys taking his dog for a walk.

Ryan, Jumps Over the Moon

We never know what Ryan is up to during the night!

Ryan, Finds the Cookie Tree

Ryan was looking for the chocolate chip cookie tree that Uncle Scott told him about, but his dad said he couldn't eat cookies yet.

Ryan, Fishing

Ryan, fishing.

Ryan, Studying for K-SATs

Ryan, studying for K-SATs (kindergarten SATs :-))

Ryan, Strike Up the Band

Ryan, in The Duffy Band, with his cousins.

Ryan, Halloween

Ryan goes out on Halloween.

Ryan, Space Boy

Ryan, in outer space.

Ryan, Swimming with the Fish

Ryan, swimming with the fish.

Ryan, Swing

Ryan on the swing.

Ryan, Clothesline

Periodically, we have to wash Ryan.

Ryan, Sixteen Weeks Old (and prior)

Ryan at sixteen weeks old.

Ryan, with Einstein.

Ryan, playing with balloons.

Ryan at three months old.

Many faces of Ryan, about three months old, while taking a bath in the upright baby tub.

Ryan, newborn baby, in an egg carton.

Ryan, newborn baby, in costumes.

Ryan, newborn, in a bird's nest.

Ryan, before birth, pregnant belly with foot.